Real life lessons from IKIGAI and my Mother…

Ive posted a picture of my mother who is an avid plant lover herself. She looks after the plants and flowers in a religious way. One reason she is hale and hearty is that, the act of maintaining the kitchen garden involves physical activity and strengthens the muscles and joints which normally remain inactive in […]


Embracing the Black Swan..

Yes we have a daily routine at home and office. But there are instances where the unexpected happens. I was aware of the work of Nassem Taleb on the ” Black Swan”. But after COVID -19, the black swan has become a “swarm of black swans” across borders and countries. I go by the “pomodoro” […]

Turkey Travel Hack Unravelled !!!

Hi friends. In my last turkey travel post, I had placed the importance of travel and its importance in our daily lives. I was always fascinated with the foreign tourists who visit the ” Hornbill” festival for the past ten years. During my growing years, I wanted to travel to distant places, see and treasure […]

My latest international travel hack.. A family trip to Amazing Turkey and the magical land of Cappadocia.

I have been mulling over the idea of family travel as I am a firm believer in travel. For a person, travel brings out the ignorance of the other, as well as the fear of the other, which we generally have. I have been to a lovely places in India and outside India with family […]