How silence is powerful .

In one of my earlier posts called the new normal categorizations of time, I have given my ways of spending time. One of my favorite way of spending time is spending time in solitude (My time). I prefer to stay in a calm place in my home. I want enough time to reflect and introspectContinue reading “How silence is powerful .”

Corona, Locusts and Earthquake now…Triple Whammy in India!!!!

I had posted a few days back about embracing black swans. We had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake at Delhi around 9.10 pm yesterday. The locusts swarms are already in India, damaging whatever greenery and leaves that are on the way. The country is already in a pandemic crisis.Its a bad phase of multiple black swansContinue reading “Corona, Locusts and Earthquake now…Triple Whammy in India!!!!”

How to get the habit of discipline in our routine

We all have habits. Some of them are good. Some of it is bad. Habit formation is a long process. Its a repetitive activity like brushing our teeth after waking up and finishing our morning ablutions. As a productive person in any domain of life, we need to maximize our good habits and reduce andContinue reading “How to get the habit of discipline in our routine”

The New Normal Categorizations of Time…

With Corona making all of us gung ho about lockdown and the unprecedented possibilities of what lies ahead in terms of work and family life. I had worked a small but workable model of time management which i want to share. I have divided my time into these categories : a) M.T – My Time.Continue reading “The New Normal Categorizations of Time…”

How to travel free and stay abroad for free !!!

Hi friends. In my last turkey travel post, I had placed the importance of travel and its importance in our daily lives. I am always fascinated with the foreign tourists who visit the ” Hornbill” festival for the past ten years. During my growing years, I wanted to travel to distant places. See and treasureContinue reading “How to travel free and stay abroad for free !!!”

My latest international travel hack.. A family trip to Amazing Turkey and the magical land of Cappadocia.

I have been mulling over the idea of family travel as I am a firm believer in travel. For a person, travel brings out the ignorance of the other, as well as the fear of the other, which we generally have. I have been to a lovely places in India and outside India with familyContinue reading “My latest international travel hack.. A family trip to Amazing Turkey and the magical land of Cappadocia.”

Yoga stretch at Home during COVID-19

Hi Friends, This is a pressing time for all of us and the spread and speed of this virus has taken a toll on all of us. In times of these, we need to maintain calm and slightly amend our daily routines so that we maintain enough vigil over our personal sense of cleanliness andContinue reading “Yoga stretch at Home during COVID-19”

Staying calm amidst chaos (Mostly digital Now !!!)

Being blessed and sharing those blessings.  Hi all, my name is Dr.Ethel kabilan. I belong to beautiful state of Nagaland. I am an horticulturist and development professional. We are five at home. Im happily married and have a small family. Through this blog, I want to educate and create awareness amongst all those who wantContinue reading “Staying calm amidst chaos (Mostly digital Now !!!)”