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Race for the Covid vaccine and its impact on our routines.

Most of the countries are at war with the virus. Some of them are at advanced stages of vaccine trails. But will it be affordable? I had read an article in India about Biocon company selling four vials for Rs. 32000 ( USD 425). My heart goes out to those families whose loved ones areContinue reading “Race for the Covid vaccine and its impact on our routines.”

The School results Pandemic..Yikes !!!

My FB dashboard is filled with messages of friends and relatives with the following message “My son has secured 98% in board exams !!!!”. There is a deluge of congratulatory messages on social media. But I was thinking at the back of my head, is my kid also going to take the same route? IContinue reading “The School results Pandemic..Yikes !!!”

Five tips for parents to manage online school work.

Hi Friends. I am hopeful that you are safe and sound with your family wherever you are. In my city, New Delhi, the infection rates are coming marginally down and I think the city administration and the medical fraternity is doing an amazing job. With online being the buzz word now, you must have beenContinue reading “Five tips for parents to manage online school work.”


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