Living one day at a time amidst COVID. . .

The days of work from home are over for me. Things are vacillating here on a daily basis as the cases increase. As of today India stands fourth in the world for the number of Covid cases. Its a disturbing trend, but we have no choice but to live with it now. Several of my friends and colleagues have been inflicted with the disease now and it looms large in Delhi.

I start my day with a moment of thanks to our heavenly father for letting us see new day – a “New Day” which no one has ever seen or lived. Then flows my morning routine with a cup of fresh brewed tea, courtesy my lovely husband !!! Ever since he conquered the territory over brewing tea for me, I became an alien in that area now.

I start with reading my office mails in the morning. I do my yoga for 30 minutes, which is more of stretching exercises. I wake up the kid and we make breakfast for the family, with background music playing mostly of Kenny G.

I strongly believe that work is worship and I have to justify through my work for what I am being paid for. So I make the “To-do list” in my diary, listing out the work I need to carry out. This gives me a clear framework throughout the day while at work. My office work thus is very streamlined.

Being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a working lady is a gift and the relationship needs to be nurtured daily. However, it becomes quite hectic at times when I am in the midst of office work and my boy calls me, whatsapp’s me asking me the schedule of his class, when I have prepared his time table in the biggest legible format and pasted in his room.

Also when he is done with his hair styling, he will whatspp me his pic asking how he looks??? The relationship calls don’t end here!!! My parents calls taking my updates as well updating back home, my sisters sharing about their uncountable pets, my brother about his plan of work and about my little niece and nephews to my hubby calls at regular interval just to hear my voice. Yes, it is not easy…….. but I always look forward with optimism and balance in my work and my relationship.

No matter how turbulent day it is, at the end of the day, I am thankful to God for the blessed day and surviving the day from this ongoing COVID pandemic. I want you to have the sense of gratitude of spending time with our loved ones and having the health too.

Till then, stay calm and stay humble.



  1. cbholganza says:

    you are absolutely right. during these trying times, it is important to stay calm and remain positive. it is precisely during the worst of times that we see the best of mankind. if we all learn to stand together, we will all come out better from this tragedy.

    1. Absolutely agreed with you. Thanks dear friend

  2. Katherine says:

    I kind of feel your struggle, Dr. Ethel. Most people don’t realize our struggle, even if we work from home and if we try our best.
    But Covid19 teach us a few lessons that we may not forget really soon.
    Take care and have a great weekend! (Hoping for Friday to pass out quickly πŸ˜…. Fighting! <3

    1. Oh yes Katherine, quick passing of Friday is my only intention to welcome weekend 😊. Take care, stay safe and stay beautiful

  3. Amenlaelu says:

    Hey dost!! Really a pleasure to read your blogs. It’s really overwhelming to see that little musings and thoughts you share with us, makes us feel we are not alone juggling between the different roles we have to play. Keep blogging. Love you

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