Being Simba…

Simba is the son of Genie who has gone on self imposed Delhi tour for sometime now. Simba is the cutest amongst the cats we have now and my favorite. I am kind of forced to make this post on Simba primarily due to two reasons. He is very adorable and he never gives up!!!

Everyday he bangs our door as an adult would do and we sometimes mistake that someone is knocking at our door.He will cajole and play around your legs and till he has his way ( drink milk or have his favorite hilsa fish!!!). He would go on his siesta, once he is full and would get up like the lion king himself and laze around.

I am a big fan of Angela Duckworth’s “Grit” and how grit shapes us and why it is needed in present times and how grit helps both us and the people around us. I tell my son that one should not give up easily, by looking at Simba. He is cutely adamant and does not give up till his goals are achieved. This can be messing the whole house, staying in his favorite flower pot, trying to hypnotize you with his lovely eyes or sleeping on my lap while doing work.

Tired of studying Tom and Jerry…

We named him Simba as he was born after the latest “Lion king Movie”. I am a big fan of the Lion king franchise and the life lessons lion king movie gives to kids about life and how to handle tough situations and adversity.Simba reminds us to be firm and composed in both good and bad times.

Our Simba is the typical example of ” Hakuna Matata” – No Worries… I learn a lot from him about how we should imbibe the lessons our gentle and amazing pets can teach us. I hope many of you would have lovely pets around, and I want to hear the lovely stories of grit,cuteness and love around.

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Till then, Stay Calm and Stay Humble !!!!



  1. Simba! He lives in you! Remember!

    Very nice and relatable post! And Simba is very cute! I’m certain he will do more exploits.

    Simba is indeed the King. And if your Simba is a king, you should be proud to have him in your arms ❤️

    1. Thank you for your love and support to Simba. Your wonderful comments reflects your kind heart. Take care and stay safe

      1. 🙏you are highly welcome

        Yes, I’m glad you called him Simba. It’s a wonderful name that brings joy to the person that hears it

        1. My love to you my dear friend

  2. OMG I have a Simba too, also a ginger tabby. He throw tantrums till he gets what he wants lol, gets real nasty sometimes. Your Simba is super adorable 🥰❤️

    1. Awwwwww thats so sweet to bring out the connection. We are miles apart, but getting more closely connected because of our Simba.
      Trust and believe your Simba must be equally adorable and I can picture you showering all your kindness, love and affection to him.
      Take care and stay safe

      1. Yes it’s just so incredible. Glad to have connected to you on here. Have a lovely weekend 😘

  3. Katherine says:

    Simba is so beautiful! 😍

    1. Thanks Katherine. Yes he is very adorable…

  4. Amenla Elu says:

    Hey dost!! Wow!! Another commendable and lovely blog. It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs. Cute Simba!! Keep up the good work and keep your blogs coming. Love you dost and stay safe. Say hi to your hubby dearest and Kevin and Simba and Genie too

    1. When beauty with the brain is dropping in and leaving such beautiful comments, I am on top of the world chick. Thank you
      Will surely convey your wishes to all

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