Yoga stretch at Home during COVID-19

Hi Friends,

This is a pressing time for all of us and the spread and speed of this virus has taken a toll on all of us. In times of these, we need to maintain calm and slightly amend our daily routines so that we maintain enough vigil over our personal sense of cleanliness and keep ourselves updated on the news about the COVID 19.

The cases in India is on a rise and there are media reports that we have moved into stage 3 . Take lot of fluids, especially if that could be turmeric based green tea, which is loaded with Vitamin C, helps in boosting immunity. Any naturally occurring food rich in Vitamin C should be taken in abundance.

I am kind of working from home and going only if it is needed. I had done my morning yoga on my favorite yoga mat and hip opening exercises of yoga for cure at, on how to practice split in a month. This is a great video and would help in opening of your hips in a gradual manner. You will find that, how badly we have become stiff due to our sedentary life.

I have my lunch and take a nap and follow up on pending office work if any. During the evening, Im planning to go for a jog, with mask on, so that to give body the needed physical activity. I urge all my friends , through this post to take enough rest during these days and stay as much as indoors as possible especially in containment zones, and avoid crowded places.

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Till then, Stay Calm and Stay Humble !!!



  1. jamipansy says:

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    1. Calm Deal says:

      Thanks Pansy.

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    It has the essence of capturing the attention.
    Happy Blogging🌻

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      Thanks thera. Happy that the post was useful.

  3. Krishnakshi Bhuyan says:

    A very important point has been addressed. Loved to go through it

    1. Calm Deal says:

      Thanks Kiddo! Miss u all !! Take care.

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